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FarmVille Strategy Guide

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We know that Cashmere Mafia has been dead for a while, but some of you still come back and check out the site for information so we figure we’d pass along with tidbit which might be of interest to you. If you play FarmVille and you’re lower than level 30 I highly recommend the FarmVille Strategy Guide. I was a bit skeptical at first because I had purchased a similar guide and was burned, but this one is legit. I was only level 12 when I bought it (yes, a newbie) but now I’m 27 and I already have enough cash saved up to buy a Villa once I hit level 34. I can’t recommend this guide enough.

Cashmere Mafia Series DVD

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We’re sure you already have it by not, but if you don’t, you need to order the Cashmere Mafia series DVD.

The DVD of the series is currently just $27 from Amazon, so there’s no reason not to get it. The show is even better the second or third time around because you pick up on things you missed the first time!

Episode 1×07 – Dog Eat Dog

Feb 21, 2008 Author: CashmereMafia | Filed under: Episode Re-Cap


Hopefully everyone enjoyed the last episode (?) of the season. Now that the writer’s strike is over though, who knows what will happen. In episode seven of ABC’s Cashmere Mafia, Juliet is faced with the horror of her company being taken over by a billionaire. Juliet looks to Zoe to help her defend her company. Juliet eventually meets with the ma, and when she does, she finds herself attracted to him and he is definitely interested in her. The two begin to date but eventually business forces Juliet to break it off. Caitlin, while dealing with a broken heart, is forced to find a designer for Lily Parrish to sponsor. She finds Denis and gets things set for him but he flops and leaves Caitlin with a mess on her hands. In the meantime, Juliet’s company is building a new hotel and Zoe wants Eric to bid on designing it. Juliet agrees. Zoe is also attacked by yet another mom from Luke’s school and is overwhelmed. Mia adopts a dog named Wylie and Jack becomes annoyed that Mia spends so much time with the dog. Obviously everything happened in much greater detail, so be sure to check our the free streaming Cashmere Mafia episodes features at ABC.

Episode 1×06 – “Yours, Mine and Hers”

Feb 14, 2008 Author: CashmereMafia | Filed under: Episode Re-Cap

Episode 6 marked the second to the last episode of the season for Cashmere Mafia. So far viewers are ranking the episodes as one of the best so far, which will help to convince ABC to keep Cashmere Mafia around for another season. In the episode, Mia and Caitlin search Jack’s apartment for a revealing sex tape Mia made with him, even as the ex-couple continue to fight their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, just as Caitlin warms up to the idea of being a mother, Alicia stuns her by revealing how she wants to raise her baby; Zoe battles to land a new billionaire client, but her unappreciated efforts force her to make a life-changing decision; and the nasty divorce battle for property ownership heats up between Juliet and Davis.

Cashmere Mafia – Gone?

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Hopefully you enjoyed tonight’s episode. We will have updates and information about it shortly. What we wanted to do though is let you guys know that while February 20th is set to be the last episode of Cashmere Mafia there are a few things you can do to show your support. Let ABC know that you want Cashmere Mafia to stick around. Viewers have been leaving the show behind and we have to make this stop if we want more Cashmere Mafia in the future!

Make sure to go the ABC’s message board to make your voice heard!

Cashmere Mafia Episode Spoilers!

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During this lonely week off we just wanted to remind you guys about the Cashmere Mafia spoilers section to get a re-cap of all the previous episodes so that you don’t forget where we left off. There will also be episode 5 spoilers soon for those who are interested, but remember, you must go to the spoiler section for spoilers because we will never reveal key happenings here that way we don’t ruin an episode for somebody. Hopefully you guys are getting by this week without showing too many withdrawal symptoms. While you wait for next week’s episode, come join us in the Cashmere Mafia forum for some fun!

Cashmere Mafia Episode 4 Song Update – Dreamer

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Jenn Grant - Cashmere Mafia Episode 4 Song

The internet has been flooded with people trying to find the song played in ABC’s Cashmere Mafia when Mia and Jason kiss on the street, and has the answer! Who else brings you the latests Cashmere Mafia songs and music when you need it? This song shows about 30 minutes into episode 4 when watching without commercials. The song is titled “Dreamer” and is by Jenn Grant. Remember to check out the complete Cashmere Mafia song list.

You can check out Jenn Grant’s website and her MySpace page.

Don’t forget you can discuss songs anytime you want in the Cashmere Mafia forum

Here are the (short) lyrics for Jenn Grant’s “Dreamer”:

And with a faint taste of cigarettes you write hallelujah songs.

Ain’t it wonderful feeling alright
So I tickle up your backbone.

And at the break of day you sink into dream, you dreamer

On a date by a chocolate lake
Down by the rotary
Past town at the edge
Looking down at butterflies

And at the break of day you sink into dream, you dreamer

Cashmere Mafia Episode 4 – The Deciders

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Many people are claiming that episode 4 of ABC’s Cashmere Mafia is the best yet, and we have to say we don’t disagree. As you know, we won’t post full spoilers here, but in the episode, Caitlin finally gives in and has to flirt with the opposite sex while Mia attempts to make Jack jealous with a new man. When you just thought it was getting better between Juliet and Davis, Juliet finds a new secret between Davis and his mistress. Zoe realizes that she has issues trusting her fellow colleagues and these need to be addressed. All of this issues combine to make a great episode. In case you missed episode 4, be sure to head over to ABC for streaming Cashmere Mafia episodes for free.

In the meantime, thanks for making your #1 Cashmere Mafia fansite!

Cashmere Mafia Episode 3 Songs and Music Update!

Jan 19, 2008 Author: CashmereMafia | Filed under: Music

We have an update for you today with a song from Cashmere Mafia. Many of you have requested the name of the song during episode 3 when Juliet Draper lights the candle in the bedroom and goes to sleep. We have discovered that the song is from Scottish singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch and is called “Breathe”. The song is absolutely amazing and we are glad that we can share it with more of you. Cashmere Mafia keeps introducing us to great music and songs and we hope they continue.

Don’t forget to check out our complete Cashmere Mafia music and songs list.

Alexi Murdoch – “Breathe” Lyrics

In the quiet of the shadow
In the corner of a room
Darkness moves upon you
Like a cloud across the moon

You’re a-wearing all the silence
Of a constant that will turn
Like the windmill left deserted
Or the sun forever burn

So don’t forget to breathe
Don’t forget to breathe
Your whole life is here
No eleventh hour reprieve
So don’t forget to breathe

Keep your head above water
But don’t forget to breathe

And all the suffering that you’ve witnessed
And the hand prints on the wall
They remind you how it’s endless
How endlessly you fall

And the answer that you’re seeking
For the question that you found
Drives you further to confusion
As you lose your sense of ground

So don’t forget to breathe
Don’t forget to breathe
Your whole life is here
No eleventh hour reprieve
So don’t forget to breathe

Keep your head above water
But don’t forget to breathe


Don’t forget to breathe
Don’t forget to breathe
You know you are here
But you find you want to leave
So don’t forget to… breathe

Just breathe
Just breathe
Just breathe…
Just breathe…
Just breathe…

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Cashmere Mafia Episode 3 Spoiler

Jan 17, 2008 Author: CashmereMafia | Filed under: Episode Re-Cap

Every week we bring you the latest episode just in case you missed it. Today we bring you the third episode of ABC’s Cashmere Mafia, “Dangerous Liaisons”. You can see the entire spoiler by either clicking on the “Spoilers” tab above or by clicking: Cashmere Mafia Episode 3 Spoiler / Summary. We bring you all the details you missed so that you aren’t out of the loop for the next episode.

Don’t forget, you can also discuss spoiler info in our forum!