Hopefully everyone enjoyed the last episode (?) of the season. Now that the writer’s strike is over though, who knows what will happen. In episode seven of ABC’s Cashmere Mafia, Juliet is faced with the horror of her company being taken over by a billionaire. Juliet looks to Zoe to help her defend her company. Juliet eventually meets with the ma, and when she does, she finds herself attracted to him and he is definitely interested in her. The two begin to date but eventually business forces Juliet to break it off. Caitlin, while dealing with a broken heart, is forced to find a designer for Lily Parrish to sponsor. She finds Denis and gets things set for him but he flops and leaves Caitlin with a mess on her hands. In the meantime, Juliet’s company is building a new hotel and Zoe wants Eric to bid on designing it. Juliet agrees. Zoe is also attacked by yet another mom from Luke’s school and is overwhelmed. Mia adopts a dog named Wylie and Jack becomes annoyed that Mia spends so much time with the dog. Obviously everything happened in much greater detail, so be sure to check our the free streaming Cashmere Mafia episodes features at ABC.