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Episode 1×04 – “The Deciders”

“Dreamer” – Jenn Grant (When Mia & Jason kiss on the sidewalk)

Episode 1×03 – “Dangerous Liaisons”

“Breathe” – Alexi Murdoch (When Juliet lights the candle with the Cap Juluca matches)

“Redeemed” – Charlotte Martin (At the end of the episode)

“Uh Huh Her” – Say So (When Juliet and Bobby are making out in the hotel)

Episode 1×02 – “The Conference Call”

“Love Today” – Mika (Intro to the episode)

“Magic Tree” – Kirsten Price (At event where Mia fires Grant)

Episode 1×01 – Pilot Premiere Episode

“All Eyes On Me” – LeToya Luckett ft. Paul Wall (Girls walking into event)

“Irreplaceable” – Beyonce

“Cardboard Ladders” – Charlotte Martin (When Mia and Jack break off their engagement)

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