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Episodes 1×02 – “Conference Call” Spoiler

The episode begins with Mia Mason getting the Publisher position. Keep in mind, she has now gotten this job ahead of Grant, who originally hired her. She is given a big, plush corner office.

Caitlin and Alicia engage each other during a business meeting and flirt continuously, yet the others at the meeting do not seem to notice because it is done in the context of the meeting.

Juliet and Davis Draper attend marriage counseling. Davis says he wanted to be caught cheating, which is why it was so blatant. Davis refers to Juliet’s lack of emotion and calls her an “ice queen”.

The four women of the Cashmere Mafia all meet at the cafe and they distribute a revenge sex spreadsheet, which contains all of their combined contacts. They scour the list for a man for Juliet, taking out divorced and bald men. While looking at the sheet, Caitlin blurts that she has a date and that “it’s with a woman.” She then refers to herself as a possible lesbian. The other women chime in to talk about their own lesbian experiences and the subject is brushed off. The women eventually select Bobby Walsh to be Juliet’s revenge sex partner.

Clive tells Mia Mason to fire Grant, her schmoozing, slacker of a co-worker.

Zoe’s children spend the day with an annoying work-at-home mom from the school. When Zoe picks them up the kids have a present for her. She opens it up to find a customized bear with a bluetooth headset attached to its ear. When she presses it’s paw it says, “I can’t talk now, I’m on a conference call.” She kids explain that it is a “working mommy doll.” This is definitely one of the most heart-grabbing scenes of the episode.

Caitlin gets Juliet a makeover and she looks stunning. When Juliet goes home Davis tries to tell her that they will start over and go on a date tomorrow, but at the same moment she receives a text message from Caitlin letting her know that her date with Bobby Walsh is on so she tells Davis she can’t, because she has a date.

Zoe and Eric plan to meet the stay-at-home mom and her husband for dinner but Zoe is kept late at work so Eric arrives solo. When he arrives, the stay-at-home mom explains that her husband isn’t coming because he is stuck in Boston. The two sit alone while they wait for Zoe. The stay-at-home mom essentially has “eye sex” with Eric from across the table and she says that “the only safe affair is between two people who want to stay in their marriage.” She explains that the offer is available any time. Zoe walks into the restaurant only to find the stay-at-home mom grabbing Eric’s hand from across the table. Even after Zoe arrives, the stay-at-home mom continues to flirt with Eric and explains that she needs an architect to do some work in her kitchen. Eric says that he can do it while Zoe tries to make excuses as to why he can’t. Eric insists that he can do the job.

In the meantime, Juliet meets with Bobby Walsh and they have drinks. They appear to enjoy each other’s company and lock lips when they part. Juliet says she will call him when she is ready.

Mia Mason is at an event for work with Grant. They are conversing with a designer who wants coffee-table sized books, custom-made for each customer’s coffee table. Obviously this cannot be done, yet Grant has assured him this can. Mia takes this opportunity to fire Grant and Grant cannot believe he. Grant makes a public spectacle of the event, exclaiming that, “Everyone in this room knows what a bitch you [Mia] are!”

Caitlin and Alicia go clubbing for the date they set up originally. The two begin to kiss on the dance floor when an ex-boyfriend of Caitlin’s arrives. He cracks a few jokes and Caitlin fails to tell him to leave them alone. Alicia storms out.

Back at home, Zoe questions Eric about the dinner. Eric is firm at stating that she didn’t walk in on anything and  uses the typical lame excuse of, “so what, nothing happened”. Zoe retorts that people always say that up until the moment something does happen. Eric explains that he lets her do extra work for her career because he knows that it makes her happy, and questions why she cannot do the same for him. The two seem to reach an agreement and the scene closes with them holding hands.

Caitlin tracks down Alicia and says she is sorry for not standing up against her ex-boyfriend.

The show concludes amazingly well, and for it, Zoe wins our Cashmere Mafia Badass Award. Zoe shows up at the field trip that the stay-at-home mom had told her was full for parents. When the stay-at-home mom explains that Zoe can’t come, Zoe points to the sightseeing bus she had rented filled with other parents on the upper deck waving. Zoe tells her, “I don’t blame you for hitting on my husband…But don’t ever hit on my kids.”