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Episode 1×03 – “Dangerous Liaisons” Spoiler

Official Synopsis: Juliet Draper contemplates how she feels toward Davis as she struggles with the decision of what to do with Bobby, a seductive and charming man from her past. At word, Mia Mason enters a power struggles with the new male editor she hired to re-launch “Modern Man” magazine. Zoe Burden is caught between Clayton and Katherine in their office affair and Caitlin has all eyes on her thanks to a gossip blog.


Bobby tells Juliet he has business in New York soon, then says he is the business he would be flying in for. Davis again tries to say he is sorry, but is denied.


Mia Mason takes charge of the Modern Man magazine.


The women eat dinner together. Conversation turns to Juliet and Bobby. Zoe shows her distaste for revenge sex. Caitlin shows up talking about the blog RegretsOnly. The blog outs her as a gay. Mia Mason’s calling-off of the engagement with Jack is also on the blog. The person on the blog is Cilla Grey.

Catherine comes along on the road trip with Zoe.

Lily Parish says she wants to directly target female gays.

Davis shows up at Juliet’s office and wants to go to dinner but she denies him. She tells him to stop trying.

The first cover of the Modern Man magazine shows a man on a plate being eaten by a woman. This was Jack’s doing right before he left.

Bobby Walsh shows up and stays at the hotel where Juliet works. He says this allows her to easily come and go.

Zoe and Clayton are meeting with two men trying to sell a Facebook clone. Catherine shows up late, looking stunning. Catherine offers to give up some of the firm’s profit in order to make the deal happen. The deal goes through, but Zoe resents her for her bod. Catherine is a “mantrap”.

Catherine and Zoe have breakfast in the morning without Clayton. Zoe tells her to watch out for intimate interactions with male colleagues.

The girls meet for lunch. Mia wonders what Jack thought about her ever since she found out that he had approved the cover of the woman eating the man on the plate.

Juliet reveals to Zoe that she has been having second thoughts. Juliet thinks the affair between Davis and Cilla was much more than an innocent fling.

Zoe confronts Clayton about what she knows. She tells him to break it off because she doesn’t want to be in that situation again.

When Juliet comes home, Davis and his daughter are doing homework. Davis tells Juliet that he has gotten them last minute tickets to see Cyrano on Broadway. Juliet calls up Bobby to break it off.

Alicia tells Caitlin she is not her “lesbian test drive”. Caitlin and Alicia begin kissing on the sidewalk.

Zoe and Eric are at home in bed on their laptops. Catherine keeps calling and Zoe eventually picks up. Catherine explains that Clayton has demoted her.

Juliet tells Davis that it was a “nice night” but brushes off the advances he makes in bed. She goes to get some medication out of his medicine bag and finds some matches for Cap Juluca, a five-star Caribbean result. She realizes that is where Davis took his mistress, and now Davis wants to take her. She lets him know she knows by lighting a candle and asking him to blow it out before bed.

Zoe pulls Clayton into her office and scolds him for kicking Caitlin off the team instead of simply breaking it off. Zoe tells him to find her an equal or better job somewhere else.

Juliet Draper and Cilla Grey meet in the park. Juliet tells her “it’s one thing to screw my husband, but another thing to screw my friends.”  Juliet asks her if Davis ever took her to Cap Juluca. Cilla doesn’t give a straight answer, but it seems obvious. Juliet goes to Bobby’s hotel room and begins making out with him. They begin to undress and Juliet begins laughing. She isn’t able to ignore her vows and be like Davis. She explains that it is suddenly crystal clear.

Zoe arrives at the office to see Catherine packing her things. Catherine was promoted from Analyst to Associate.

The girls meet for a drink and Juliet admits that she couldn’t complete the revenge sex.

Mia Mason keeps the cover and writes a letter inside. She tells the modern man to stop being such a wimp at work and not feel threatened by the women at work. The modern man and the modern woman should feed off each other.

At home, Juliet gives Davis a kiss and tells him “we’re even”.