The day after the official premiere of the ABC tv series Cashmere Mafia, there is no lack of critics. The general consensus appears to be that the second episode was better than the first, but neither has met the high expectations set for the show. There also appears to be a number of critics pointing out the shallow nature of the Cashmere Mafia characters. While we of course love Cashmere Mafia, we have to agree on this point. The show jumps around a lot and doesn’t let any one event evolve into depth.

But don’t get us wrong, not all is lost! Zoe Burden’s character has developed to be quite complex and we can only hope that the other characters will follow suit.

What do you guys think? Will Cashmere Mafia still be around in a year? Is the series so far everything you had hoped? Do you find the commercials more entertaining than the show? We want to know, so post your response below.